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Metal Shingles ... Modern Lessons from the Past

Metal shingles were first used over a hundred years ago and were found commonly throughout the 20th century. From the very first installation, metal shingles have demonstrated the beauty and durability that has made them a popular roofing choice. Metal shingles continue to perform admirably for decades, or even a century or more. With our modern manufacturing technology and performance enhanced materials, we are able to produce a superb product for a great price that will last even longer than products that were used to create the structures we still admire today.



  • Mill Finish 9 1/2" X 14" Shingle

  • Screw or Nail

  • Standard Decking

  • 15/30 lb Felt

  • 2 Boxes per Square

  • 138 Shingles per Square

  • Lightweight 100 lbs per Square

  • Not Recommended over Existing Shingles

  • Not Recommended under 4/12 Pitch

  • Classic Diamond Pattern

  • Maintenance Free

  • Interlocking Watertight

  • Non-Combustible

  • No Exposed Fasteners

  • Energy Star Compliant Materials

  • Made from 26 Gauge Galvalume

  • More Corrosion-Resistant than Galvanized Steel 

  • Walkable


The First Universalist Church of Camp Hill, Alabama was erected in 1907 and still has its original metal shingle roof.  I have been driving by this church for 25 years and always admired the roof; this church inspired me to go into the metal shingle manufacturing business. 


I am now bringing a great shingle back to the market that has been gone for a long time.  This church is proof to the long lasting durability of this type of metal shingle.  With our new progressive die, we are able to manufacture this product for a great price with an even better metal than these 100 plus-year-old shingles.  These new galvalume shingles will last much longer than the ones on this church. 


– Chad Caldwell, Owner



Metal Shingles, LLC.

1226 Hwy. 16 E

Newnan, GA  30263

Tel:  678-423-0586

Fax: 678-423-0588

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